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Google Italy: The Difference Between Freedom and Being Responsible

Today Google made top headlines once again as 3 Googlers were tried and found guilty because failing to comply with Italian privacy code.

Google has labeled this a serious threat to the web in Italy.

Google posts:

” … But we are deeply troubled by this conviction for another equally important reason. It attacks the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built. Common sense dictates that only the person who films and uploads a video to a hosting platform could take the steps necessary to protect the privacy and obtain the consent of the people they are filming …”

What is common sense ? According to wikipedia it’s “what people in common would agree on” or their “common natural understanding”.

The common sense of many is the result of our every day teaching and educating our children, how we influence them based on our behaviour, reputation, and authority.

Google are right, it is the responsibility of those who film and upload – in other words:

  • Why should Google do the patrolling?
  • Where are the parents?
  • What is common sense today ?

As so called common sense becomes scarce in households, opportunity arises for legislators to step in and fill the gap families and parents leave behind.

My freedom ends where your freedom begins

or does it ? Probably not …

So in Italy it’s videos on YouTube, in Germany it’s Google Analytics … that’s United Europe for you …

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Sante J. Achille

2 Responses to Google Italy: The Difference Between Freedom and Being Responsible

  1. Sante J. Achille says:

    Noise noise and again more noise in the media – the right wing government has expressed “disappointment” …

  2. That’s very interesting Sante. How is this news being received in Italy?

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