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The French are addicted to their mobile phones

French people cannot get rid off their mobile phones, according to a TNS Sofres study, conducted amongst 1200 people older than 12 years old late August 2009.

Indeed, 79% of them declared owning one, with 20% never letting it go, even when going to the bathroom (about 8%). Moreover, about 23% use it to go on the internet, and this percentage goes up to 41% for the ones having between 12 to 24 years old. However, only about 4%  use their mobile phone to watch TV, but they are most than 62%who use them to take pictures and 31% to make videos.

Finally 36% of the French people believe that their mobile phones are dangerous for their health, 25% doubt about it, and about 25% more think that it hasn’t been enough time to assess what long-terms effects there might be.

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