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The most popular Russian search engines


(Updated with the latest stats on April 2020)

With almost 110 million internet users, equivalent to 75% of the population, Russia comes in at eighth place when looking at internet population size worldwide.

With such a massive online population, Russia is understandably an attractive target market for many businesses considering expanding internationally.

While the business opportunities presented by Europe’s largest internet market are intriguing indeed, marketers must grasp the complexity of the digital marketplace in Russia in order to succeed there, because the online landscape truly is a one of a kind; Russia is one of the few countries where Google doesn’t totally dominate the market, with local search engine Yandex successfully keeping the global search leader on its toes.

This blog post will teach you about the most popular Russian search engines and what you need to know about them in order to succeed.

Most popular Russian search engines

  • Google 52%
  • Yandex 45%

Let’s look at each of these search engines in more detail.



Google is the most popular search engine in Russia, but only just, with a 52% market share. Accounting for just over half of online searches in Russia, Google is an important search engine to utilise if you are targeting a Russian audience. It is not the only one you should include in your search marketing strategy, however, as the Russian search landscape is very much a two-horse race.


Russia is an unusual country in that it is one of the few where Google does not totally dominate. Instead, local search engine Yandex has a very respectable 45% market share. Yandex has a wide range of digital marketing products for SEOs and advertisers, on par with Google in quality and quantity.

Yandex Webmaster is equivalent to Google Search Console and provides a range of data including clicks, impressions and click-through rates for snippets. It also includes many tools including robots.txt analysis, a sitemap validator, server response check, URL deletion, an audit for mobile compatibility, an XML validator and a structured data validator.

Yandex also offers an advertising platform called Yandex Direct. Yandex Direct displays contextual ads to people searching for relevant keywords online. You can get a more in-depth understanding of how to run a successful Yandex PPC campaign by accessing our free guide below.


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Umay Jones

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Umay’s academic background is in advertising and public relations, and she expanded this foundation into a highly successful career working with top international brands for advertising agencies in Turkey for over ten years. Since moving to the UK, she has gained a wide range of experience in international digital marketing with Webcertain, specifically in Yandex PPC advertising. Umay was trained at the Yandex headquarters in Moscow and has delivered Yandex training internationally in Istanbul, London, Munich and Barcelona. Umay is originally from Turkey.

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