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Thousands Of Manufacturers Impede European Ecommerce


Global Marketing News – 15th July 2016

Thousands Of Manufacturers Impede European Ecommerce

Research by the German Federal Association of Ecommerce (BVOH) has found that 2,000 manufacturers are impeding European ecommerce by imposing restrictions on online retailers who want to sell their products.

The study questioned over 7,000 small ecommerce businesses and found that over half of them were suffering financially and losing sales as a result of the restrictions.

The most commonly cited restrictions were manufacturers refusing to allow retailers to set their own prices, refusing to allow retailers to re-sell on online marketplaces, and banning cross-border ecommerce.

BVOH has asked the EU to look into the problem and has called on them to ban manufacturers from imposing restrictions on ecommerce sites.

 Nigeria Sees Growth In Mcommerce

Mobile ecommerce is rapidly growing in popularity in Nigeria, according to research by Ipsos.

The study revealed that 60% of Nigerian internet users had engaged in ecommerce in the last year, with 72% of those people buying using a smartphone.

This makes Nigeria the African capital for mobile ecommerce.

Nigerians are expected to spend 78 billion Nigerian naira on mobile ecommerce sites this year, equivalent to around 275 million US dollars. This is set to rise to over 100 billion Nigerian naira by the end of next year.

Nigerians are also embracing cross-border ecommerce. 70% of those questioned said they had bought from a foreign website in the last year, with 6% shopping exclusively from foreign sites.

 APAC Becomes Worlds Largest Digital Travel Market

The Asia-Pacific region is set to overtake North America as the world’s biggest digital travel market in the next year, according to predictions by eMarketer.

North America currently spends around 190 billion US dollars on digital travel, such as buying plane tickets and other travel related goods online, only about 10 billion US dollars more than APAC.

By 2017, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to spend around 215 billion US dollars on digital travel, compared North America’s 200 billion US dollars.

China is set to drive most of this growth, with digital travel sales predicted to grow by a staggering 36% in the country this year. This is being driven by the country’s growing middle class and simpler Chinese visa rules being brought in.

By 2020, China and the US are expected to account for 50% of all digital travel sales worldwide.

 ShareChat Gets $1.3billion Of Funding

The Indian social networking app ShareChat has received 1.35 million US dollars’ worth of seed funding from Saif Partners.

ShareChat is a social network that allows users to post, share and discover content. It currently operates in 4 Indian languages: Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam.

The fact it is multilingual is filling an urgent need in the Indian social media market, because the majority of people in rural India don’t speak English, the language that most social platforms are written in.

ShareChat has said that it will use the new funding to improve the app and launch it in new languages.

There are 30 languages with over 1 million native speakers in India.

Pokémon GO Proves Possible Link Between Reality And Apps

Pokémon GO has proven that it is possible for a mobile app to directly lead to people going to physical locations.

The hit game was released last weekend and is already close to getting more downloads than Twitter.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game, allowing players to walk around outside and “catch” Pokémon, visit pokéstops and battle with other players.

Hordes of players have been seen outside playing the game, gathering at pokéstops and locations where Pokémon can be caught and battled with.

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