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Three Quarters Of Online Shopping Carts Get Abandoned


Global Marketing News – 19th May 2016

Three quarters of online shopping carts get abandoned

Digital shopping cart abandonment is at a level of 74.3% worldwide.

Data from Sale Cycle shows that the Asia-Pacific region had the highest rate of abandonment online, with nearly 76% of all shopping carts assembled not making it to the checkout.

However, no region differed from the global average by any more than 3%, showing that retailers are facing a worldwide issue in overcoming the problem.

In the United States, over half of online merchants are retargeting adverts in order to contact those who have abandoned their cart, before buying.

A separate survey by Multichannel Merchant found that retargeting gives retailers another touchpoint with consumers, with the high success rates of emails triggered by abandoned carts showing they can actually have a positive influence.

100% global internet penetration would boost economy by £4.6 trillion

A recent study has suggested that increasing the world internet penetration rate to 100% would increase global economic output by £4.6 trillion.

Currently 4.1 billion people around the world don’t have access to the internet, but an increase to 100% availability would bring around 500 million people out of poverty.

The study, conducted by PwC for Facebook, reinforces the social network’s Internet.org project that aims to provide free internet connections to developing countries.

However, whilst this is evidence to support the company’s project, it would only offer users access to a few websites like Wikipedia and Facebook itself.

In the event that Facebook’s project came to pass, it is estimated that it would stand to gain up to 200 billion US dollars in the following five years.

China could “fragment the internet”, warns US

The US government has warned China that it could fragment the internet if it goes ahead with new online registration rules.

In what would be the first update of Chinese online laws in over 10 years, the new rules would force every domain name owner to provide all personal information to the government.

The United States Assistant Commerce Secretary, Larry Stickling, said in a blog post that the law “runs contrary to China’s stated commitments toward global internet governance processes”.

The post also warned that by having its own laws around domain name management, “China is threatening to fragment the internet, which would limit the internet’s ability to operate as a global platform for human communication, commerce, and creativity”.

Latin America sees strong ecommerce growth

Latin America is currently one of the top global regions for e-commerce growth, despite the economic decline in the area.

The report from Business Insider shows growth in the region is expected to climb at around an average of 17%, to 85 billion US dollars in sales in 2019.

Whilst the year-on-year growth rate will decrease from 16% to 9% over the next four years, US retailers are focusing heavily on the area with Amazon launching a Spanish-speaking Mexican site under a .com.mx domain.

However, it’s Brazil that’s the largest market for the region’s online marketing, accounting for an impressive 42% of Latin America’s 47 billion US dollars in e-commerce sales.

Amazon Prime Now rumoured to launch in France in future

And finally, Amazon is reportedly looking to launch its Amazon Prime Now service in France.

According to the French website Journal Du Net, the company has purchased a warehouse in Paris’ 18th district, in order to be able to provide users in the French capital with items in under an hour.

The one-hour service was launched in 2014 in the US, before arriving in European cities like London, Manchester and Milan.

Following this, the move into Paris seems an obvious next step, but there has been no launch date announced yet.

However, it has been confirmed by Amazon that the new Amazon Fresh service will make its debut in the United Kingdom soon, which will deliver fresh groceries to customers in certain areas.

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