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Web 2.0 in Portugal

Social media and Web 2.0 are rather recent concepts, but well known ones in the US. But in Portugal its praticaly unknown.

In fact, only recently did some companies begin to invest seriously in some online initatives, that could be considered web 2.0

Sapo, as the main news and entertainment portal in the Portuguese online world (with 800.000 visitors+/day) is one of them.

Sapo is part of the biggest media group in Portugal, which also ownes copperwire and cable communication businesses – PT Telecom.

This portal has, for some years now, provided basic blog services. But now it also offers a flickr-like web site, called Fotos Sapo. Recently they added a De.licio.us clone, called Sapo Tags, a social bookmarking service.

For 2007 Sapo promisses even more web 2.0. Namely user-specific webpages (NetVibes clone?). They will probably use AJAX technologies, as that seems to be the order of the day now.

Outside of Sapo’s initiatives, there isn’t much else in Portugal right now I can talk about. But I can also name a web site called DoMelhor that resembles Digg in (many) ways.

For now there is no Portuguese equivalent of Second Life or YouTube (although you can find a lot of Portuguese videos in there).

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  1. jdoe says:

    a good example of web 2.0 made in portugal is http://www.mingle.pt

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