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What is happening to ASK in Europe? I must ask!

Recent studies have shown that in Germany Google leads with a market share of 88.5% (I though Google had a foothold in the UK with around 79%). Yahoo has just over 3%, followed by the only local engine, ISP T-Online with 2.2%. Others on the list with just under 1.5% are MSN and AOL.

Most surprisingly is however France that seams to have embraced this American invention, Google has just under 90% market share with Yahoo coming next with just over 3%, MSN has 2.48% with two locals following Orange and Free, 1.89% and 0.72%.

Noticeable is the total lack of ASK’s market share both in France and Germany. Also it’s worth noting that while Google has a large market share in the US it’s nothing when you compare their foothold in France, Germany and the UK.

But Google is not this strong everywhere in Europe. Neighbours to Germany are Swiss and there Google has just under 50% of the market with Yahoo’s healthy 22% following and MSN has around 11%. Russia has the strong Yandex Direct as shown here at Multilingual search on a regular basis.

If we look at Poland there worth noting that there are at least couple of strong locals, NetSprint, OnetSzukaj and Szukacz with combined market share of 20%. In Poland Google seems to have around 80%.

Google has a strong market share also in Slovakia but has a strong competition in SZN.sk.

Since the arrival of Google in Iceland in 2002, they have slowly gained around 50% of the market share with the local Leit staying strong at around 45% and the rest shares the remaining 5%. This is a according to research by Nordic eMarketing in early 2007.

It’s always good to know the search engine market shares in Europe ?

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson

5 Responses to What is happening to ASK in Europe? I must ask!

  1. Kristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    Hi Itman do you knopw the market share of Seznam in the Czech?

  2. Kristjan Mar Hauksson says:

    Thanks for the pointer and right you are but gives us indication that there is life out-side Google somwhere. SZN.sk is also not a “clean” search engine it’s more like a mixture of that and a directory. What I was trying to point out that even though Google is strong it’s not so everywhere and you can get your message across through other channels in search.

  3. Maxime says:

    Yandex Direct is an contextual advertising system similar to Google AdSense. The most popular SE in Russia called simple the Yandex. And the second popular is the Rambler, the Google is only 3rd in Russia (but close to the Rambler already and continue to rise slowly).

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