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Which Digital Skills Will Matter Most For Businesses?


Global Marketing News – 3rd May 2016

Which digital skills will matter most for businesses?

According to a report undertaken across Europe and the US, in three years’ time skills in analytics and big data will be the most crucial digital skills.

Of the 422 top executives across various industries questioned, 42% of them believed that security and web development were currently the top skills.

But the study, by Economist Intelligence Unit, showed that in three years’ time, analytics would be highly valued, with strategy and product development becoming more important than they are currently, as well.

Interestingly, a separate study by Black Ink showed that nearly half of marketers in the US said they struggled to access analytics or insight to make smarter business choices, showing they could already be falling back from their European counterparts.

Getty Images files anti-trust charges against Google

Following in the steps of the EU last week, Getty images is now also filing anti-trust charges against Google.

The photo agency has alleged that Google Images have been distorting search results in favour of its own services.

Getty has said that Google is siphoning traffic away from competitors’ sites, in order to claim others’ creations as its own.

It also argued that because image consumption is immediate, once an image has been viewed, the user has very little need to view it on the original site, and that this promoted piracy or copyright infringement.

Google has not commented regarding these new charges, which have come only a few days after the EU charged it similarly for using its Android operating system to “protect and expand its dominant position on the internet”.

Facebook reaches 1.65 billion monthly users

Facebook has announced more high levels of user growth, surpassing its 2016 estimates for the first quarter.

Reaching 1.65 billion monthly users while bringing in 5.38 billion dollars in revenue, the social network has added another 400 million users in the last two years and 60 million in the last quarter.

Compared to Twitter, which only managed to attracted 5 million new users this quarter, this has attributed to Facebook’s 3.7% growth.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has also added a new class of stock, which allows the public to buy into the company without acquiring voting rights which could weaken Zuckerberg’s control of the company.

Amazon France launches Euro 2016 store

Amazon’s French site has opened a Euro 2016 dedicated shop.

In anticipation for the football tournament, which will take place in the country in around six weeks, the shop contains official merchandise and most of Amazon’s football department.

The shop itself will be split between several categories containing different types of football related products.

Those categories will be called “I support my team”, “I celebrate with friends”, “I watch matches at home”, “I play like the pros” and “After the matches”.

As the country approaches the tournament later this year and people get involved with the football spirit, Amazon released a list of its top cities based on sales in its football shop; a list which was headed by Paris.

Nintendo launches social network Miitomo

And finally, Nintendo has taken its first steps into the world of social media.

Miitomo is a social media platform created by the Japanese company that mixes the idea of a game and a social messaging app.

Starting by creating an in-app version of yourself, called a ‘Mii’, users can then edit their Mii, before adding friends from Twitter or Facebook.

They can then play mini-games with friends to unlock things like new items of clothing, or take in-game selfies with friends Miis.

Other activities involve asking the users own Mii a question, to which it will respond, or asking friends a question to which only you will see the answer.

Currently available in Singapore on the iOS operating system, it will soon be followed by an Android version.

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