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Yahoo Japan Enters Partnership With Alibaba

Global Marketing News – 12th June 2015

Yahoo Japan enters partnership with Alibaba

Yahoo Japan has announced that it will be entering into a partnership with the Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba later this summer.

The deal will make it cheaper and easier for Japanese companies to list their products on Alibaba’s Tmall site, and therefore easier for them to sell to Chinese consumers wanting to buy high quality Japanese goods.

The announcement comes as Alibaba boss Jack Ma set the ambitious goal of increasing the proportion of revenue generated from outside of China from its current 4% to 50%.

Ma is currently visiting the US, where he is meeting with American business leaders to encourage them to sell their products to the vast Chinese consumer base.

Netflix to enter Spain, Portugal and Italy

The online TV company Netflix has announced plans to bring its service to Spain, Portugal and Italy later this year.

Netflix is due to enter the Mediterranean countries in October with a large selection of TV programmes and films.

The financial services Cowen estimates that over 1 million people from the 3 countries will subscribe to the service before the end of the year, with this rising to an estimated 7 million subscribers from the 3 countries by the end of 2020.

Spain, Portugal and Italy are not the only international markets that Netflix plans to target this year. It has already announced plans to enter the Japanese market this autumn as well, with Cowen estimating they will attract 750,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

Netflix is one of the most popular online TV and film companies in the world, with over 62 million subscribers globally.

Netflix to enter Spain, Portugal and Italy

WeChat has launched an English version of its desktop messaging app.

In order to access the messenger, users must initially log-in using their smartphone to scan a QR code. The desktop messenger is available on Windows and Apple operating systems.

WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 550 million users worldwide. It is estimated that around 85% of WeChat users are based in China.

The release of the English-language desktop version forms part of an attempt to boost WeChat’s presence internationally.

WeChat have commented on the launch, saying: “In a world where global communication matters, we understand the value of staying connected outside of your smartphone.”

WeChat’s main rivals internationally are the Facebook Messenger app, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and BBM.

Seznam buys 35% stake in app developer Mautilus

The Czech search engine Seznam has bought a 35% stake in the app development company Mautilus.

The two companies will work together to create video technologies and will collaborate on the inio.tv project.

inio.tv is a multi-screen application editor currently being developed by Mautilus that will allow users to build video apps for any platform.

Mautilus is the top app technology company in Central and Eastern Europe.

80% of job ads in Nigeria are fake

And finally, the head of one of Nigeria’s biggest jobs websites has said that around 80% of all online job adverts in the country are fake.

Tope Niyi, from the Nigerian jobs site Careers24, said that many of the fake adverts were for jobs that didn’t exist and would scam job-seekers out of money by making them pay for fake interviews.

As a result, Careers24 has implemented a rigorous screening procedure that tries to weed out these fraudulent job ads.

When someone submits a job ad to the site, it is placed in a queue for manual approval. In order to be approved, the employer will be contacted by the Careers24 to check if the job posting is genuine.

Careers24 has said that its process has vastly reduced the number of scam job adverts on their site, and that users can flag up any fraudulent adverts that slip through the net.

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