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Benjamin Lefebvre

Yandex üniversite Helps Turkish Students Choose Their University


Yandex has just launched Yandex üniversite and this is great news for all Turkish students who would like to access a very extensive online guide they can customise according to what they want to study, for how long and the location they would like to target.

Yandex üniversite is a portal that helps millions of Turkish students decide which university would be best for them. You just need to fill in a few fields and you will end up with a nice list of universities that could be a fit for you.

Yandex universite

Once you have told Yandex your preferences, the search engine will return a list of university courses you can take. You will see the ratings as well as achievements. You will be able to see if scholarships are available and finally, the length of the course.

Yandex universite

Once you have found a university you would want to have a look at, you can click on it and a description page of the university will appear with a map, contact details and other useful links such as the library, student life and activities. You will also see the other courses available at that same university.

Yandex universite

Once you have had a good look at the universities you are interested in, you can create your preference list:

Yandex universite

And share it on Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed.

Yandex has taken another step further in improving user experience in Turkey. By targeting students and offering what they really need, Yandex is definitely working on being a bigger part of the Turkish online sphere and is investing in the future.

yandex expert course


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Benjamin Lefebvre

Benjamin Lefebvre

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