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10 lessons learnt at the International Social Summit 2024

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On 16 May 2024, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the International Social Summit in Barcelona. It was a day full of learning, networking and growing alongside other marketing experts. It was my first time ever attending an event like this and it was even more valuable than I had ever thought it could be.

In this blog post, I will share ten lessons I learnt from the amazing speakers and the conference itself. Let’s start with some of my favourite speakers!

1. Every brand’s social media strategy will be unique

This talk by Michael Corcoran was a great reminder that social media is ever changing and there is not just one way to have a presence there. Each brand is different, each customer is different, and each social media strategy will therefore need to be different. There are simply too many factors to consider, which is why when asking about social media, the simplest but most honest answer is: it depends.

2. Human-to-human connection is at the heart of everything

“Human-to-human” was a concept that was spoken about in several talks, including sessions from Anna Bertoldini and Xandrina Allday. Social media is a form of interaction between many different stakeholders, and social media marketing can be B2B or B2C… but when you drill down to the heart of it, all these forms of connection are still human-to-human. When we forget this, we lose authenticity and miss out on profound connections between the content creator and the audience.

3. Grow your community

On social media platforms, interactions are everywhere to be found. These interactions sometimes become relationships, and sometimes, communities are formed. This can happen organically – but it can also be empowered and supported by marketers. A great example of this was given by Michelle Lindner, who talked about Ahrefs’ community programme which has been promoting communities online and offline in various countries around the world, organising activities to enrich the members of those communities.

4. Remember the importance of visuals

Visuals are crucial for social media because they capture attention quickly, enhance engagement, and convey messages more effectively than text alone. As is often said, one image is worth a thousand words, and this applies to the content posted on social media platforms. Daiana Damacus and Germán Rodríguez from Webcertain were able to show with their talk the behind-the-scenes of the visuals’ creation process between the marketer and the designer.

5. Be aware of what AI can (and cannot) do

A recurring theme in many industries right now is the impact of AI on their businesses. In the marketing industry, many experts are relying on AI to create content, manage processes and overall enhance productivity. But, at what cost? AI makes mistakes and is not able (yet) to convey the authenticity that is needed for marketing campaigns to thrive. Overall, the takeaway was that AI is an amazing tool – but still just a tool nonetheless.

There is so much more I wish I could mention regarding the speakers and their brilliant talks, but I also want to discuss the value the event added, as I believe the event itself was just as important as the learnings I discussed above!

6. Embrace networking as a way to foster meaningful connections

Building relationships with industry peers, potential clients, and mentors can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights. It is not just about collecting business cards but fostering meaningful connections. It can feel daunting at first, especially if you go alone or if it is one of the first times you have attended an event like this, but there is so much more to gain than to lose.

7. Get inspired, be motivated – amazing people are all around you

This event allows you to interact with like-minded individuals working in the social media marketing space. I felt inspired and motivated when speaking to others who had much more experience than myself and who could offer me advice to walk the path they had already travelled.

8. Personal branding and professional development

Attending and participating in such events also helps with building and enhancing one’s personal brand. All the elements of the event can promote your position as a marketing professional. For example, you can create content for your LinkedIn profile and improve your personal brand. Whether you are there as a member of the event team, a speaker, a sponsor or an attendee, you can make the most out of the event for yourself.

9. Get stuck in with hands-on learning

I learnt a great deal from the talks, but I think it is also necessary to mention the international social media workshop, which took place the day before, where attendees who had booked workshop tickets could really get stuck in with hands-on learning. With the workshop, you are not only listening to experts but interacting with them, solving different tasks and discussing various approaches. You get instant feedback and answers to your questions, which I felt added so much extra value.

10. See social media marketing from a global perspective

Something unique about the International Social Summit is its international aspect. Not only are all the talks focused on international strategies and the challenges and opportunities that come with that, but the attendees come from all over the world. This creates a rich environment which allows businesses and individuals to expand their horizons and connect with a wide range of people.

Want to access the slides and video recordings from this event?

All the slides and video recordings from the International Social Summit 2024 are available for free on Webcertain’s Self-learning platform. Just create an account and search for “International Social Summit 2024”!

Want to attend future events?

If you feel inspired to expand your horizons through learning and networking at one of our future events, you can learn more and book tickets here:

I feel very grateful for having had the opportunity to attend the International Social Summit, and I hope to see you at one of the future events!

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Carmen is a Marketing and Event Executive at Webcertain. She holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing Management from Lancaster University. She is passionate about digital marketing and enjoys brainstorming new ideas to create unique campaigns. Originally from Spain, Carmen has been living in the UK since 2020.

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