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Our Authors

Marthe Kvernvik

Social Media Executive of Webcertain

Marthe finished her Journalism degree in the UK in 2019 and went on to work as a journalist in her home country of Norway, where her passion for social media truly started to blossom alongside her passion for creating engaging copy. In late 2021, she came back to the UK and soon started working at Webcertain. Her passion for social media and quality content are what drive her. Working at Webcertain has allowed her to develop extensive skills within the different social media platforms, in particular LinkedIn and Facebook.

Samantha Brazel

Product Manager of Webcertain

Samantha is the Product Manager of the Translates department at Webcertain. With over nine years of experience, she has developed a professional background in translation and localisation management. She manages a team of Project Managers, partners and engineers who are invested in continual improvement and keeping up with translation industry developments. She enjoys new learning opportunities and developing her skill sets. Originally from the UK, Samantha now lives in France.

Elin Box

Content Marketing Manager of Webcertain

Elin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain. She is responsible for Webcertain’s Self-learning platform, producing in-depth guides on a range of international digital marketing topics. She also helps run the Webcertain blog and is the writer of the Webcertain search and social report, an annual report summarising digital marketing best practices in over 50 countries. She is passionate about educating and empowering people to make the best decisions for their business and is proud to help share Webcertain’s wealth of digital marketing knowledge with the world. Elin is from the UK.

Sanja Markovic

Senior SEO Specialist & Assistant Manager of Webcertain

Sanja is a Senior SEO Specialist & Assistant Manager at Webcertain and has worked in SEO since 2015. She conducts SEO audits and creates SEO strategies, always having in mind the most innovative and most effective solutions. She is passionate about creating content strategies and new methodologies for content optimisation. Sanja speaks Serbian, English and Spanish, and is familiar with the basics of Chinese. Originally from Serbia, Sanja now lives in Spain.

Anlieka Marconi

Audience Marketing Team Leader of Webcertain

A storyteller at heart, Anlieka has a degree in film making and joined the Webcertain team in 2018 to explore new ways of storytelling through social media. Working closely with the Global Manager of Audience Marketing, she helps clients create both organic and paid campaigns on various international social media platforms. She also conducts research into different international online markets and enjoys writing creative and engaging copies for brands and companies to help them tell their stories. Anlieka was born in the Netherlands, to Indonesian parents and has lived in the UK since 2015.

Vebri Carolin

Content Marketing Strategist of Webcertain

Vebri is a Content Marketing Strategist at Webcertain. With her extensive experience as a Digital Campaign Strategist and Art Director, she has developed robust problem-solving skills in designing and orchestrating customer-centric campaign strategies. Experienced with a variety of industries including FMCG and manufacturing, Vebri ensures that digital campaign strategies are developed to bring impact to different businesses. Her strong academic background (she has a BA in Visual Communication Design and an MA in Design Strategy and Innovation) helps Vebri unite data-driven strategies with creative points of view. Originally from Indonesia, she now lives in London.

Giuseppe Pezzullo

Global Sales Manager of Webcertain

Giuseppe joined the Webcertain family at the beginning of 2022 and since then has been helping clients to prosper, endeavouring to get them excellent results across all digital marketing channels. He is an innovative communication strategist who loves using his digital marketing expertise to transform brand communications to drive bottom-line results. He holds an MA in Marketing and Data Analysis from the Birkbeck University in London. Originally from Italy, Giuseppe lived for many years in the UK, and is now based in Spain. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Francesca Masciullo

Social Media Executive of Webcertain

Francesca joined Webcertain in November 2021 to gain more experience with social media and market-related research and practices. She helps a variety of clients to carry out market intelligence reports, as well as to create and run online campaigns across their chosen online platforms. She holds a Master’s degree in Research in Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of Strathclyde, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of Scotland as part of their Interdisciplinary Excellence Award. Originally from Italy, Francesca now lives in Scotland.

Kirstie Cartledge

International Events and Marketing Manager of Webcertain

Kirstie is the International Events and Marketing Manager at Webcertain. With over ten years of experience in the industry, and a passion for curating and delivering outstanding events, she is responsible for the delivery of the International Search Summit and International Social Summit. These international conferences run across Europe and the US, and are dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges. Kirstie is a highly creative individual who is always striving to exceed expectations and help attendees leave Webcertain events with the answers they need to drive online global performance. She is now based back in the UK, after working in a variety of countries across the globe.

César Gonçalves

Business Solutions Team Leader of Webcertain

Experienced in working with clients from across the globe, César’s goal is to provide holistic multi-channel digital strategies, tailored to each client and each target market. With a strong and multidisciplinary background, he holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in Marketing. He is always keen to learn more about new trends in international digital marketing and how they might impact the industries his clients operate in, so he can help them stay ahead of the curve. Originally from Portugal, César now lives in the UK.

Anna Milburn

Head of Business Solutions of Webcertain

Anna is passionate about building long-term strategic partnerships with clients through advising and consulting. With extensive experience in dealing with complex international digital projects, she enjoys applying her diverse skillset and identifying the best solution for global brands. Familiar with a variety of industries, including travel, education, manufacturing and technology, and a wide range of digital channels, Anna ensures that all clients’ international digital strategies are appropriately adapted to each target market. Having a strong academic background, Anna holds a degree in English & German Philology, a Business degree, and a Law degree.

Danielle Woods

Account Manager of Webcertain

Danielle is an Account Manager at Webcertain, where she manages a wide range of digital marketing activities for her clients. She has an excellent understanding of PPC, social media, SEO and translation, which allows her to provide high-quality guidance and support. Danielle has always had a keen interest in language and culture. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA Spanish degree (minors in German and Danish). During her degree programme, she spent a year living in Spain and is keenly aware of how cultural differences are a key consideration for effective marketing. Since graduation, Danielle has worked in marketing across varied industries from technology and construction, to education, beauty and travel.