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Best practices for content optimisation

At a time when user experience is in the spotlight of search engine optimisation, and search engines’ algorithms and systems are AI-powered, SEO content optimisation practices should be focused on really understanding what users need and providing quality and valuable … Read More

Digital marketing in Europe in 2024

If you are an international digital marketer with experience targeting the European market, then you will know that you cannot treat “Europe” as one singular entity. As well as the obvious differences in language between countries, there are also variations … Read More

Yahoo Japan search advertising tips for 2024

What is Yahoo Japan? Yahoo Japan is the second most popular search engine in Japan, after Google. Google has a search engine market share of 78% in the country, whilst Yahoo Japan comes in second place with 11%. However, it … Read More

Baidu search advertising tips for 2024

What is Baidu? Baidu is the longest-running and most popular search engine in China, with 60% of the search engine market share and over 660 million monthly active users. Baidu’s dominance is a result of its superior local knowledge, compliance … Read More

Naver search advertising tips for 2024

What is Naver? Naver is one of the most popular search engines in South Korea, with approximately 40 million people in South Korea (around 80% of the population) being active users. The screenshot below shows what Naver looks like on … Read More

Naver social media marketing tips for 2024

What is Naver? Naver is a South Korean online platform that offers a wide range of services including a search engine, news portal, email, online shopping and social networking. In the screenshot below, you can see various icons displayed below … Read More

Line marketing tips for 2024

What is Line? Line is a messenger app that was launched in Japan in 2011. It was made to meet Japanese users’ needs for services like free calls and texting. Line started life as an app very similar to WhatsApp … Read More

Little Red Book marketing tips for 2024

What is Little Red Book? Little Red Book (also known as Xiaohongshu) is China’s most trusted social shopping platform. Users can share social posts, as well as shop for products. It is like a combination of Pinterest, Instagram and a … Read More

3 tips for digital marketing in Germany

Germany is an attractive prospect to many businesses looking to expand internationally, and there are several reasons why. The first reason is its size: it is a relatively large country, with a sizeable population, which means there will likely be … Read More