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41% of Malaysians Access The Internet With Strong Smartphone Use

Nielsen reports that 41% of Malaysians accessed the Internet in 2010, a 15% increase over the previous year. People in the younder ranges of 20-24 were the highest users with 57% of them using the internet for just over 22 hours per week. Malaysians primarily use social networking sites with 71% keeping in touch with friends and family via these sites, a 24% increase from 2009.

As is often the case in countries arriving later to the internet, a growing number of Malaysians are accessing the Internet via notebooks and smartphones. 55% of consumers are using laptops and netbooks and 11% are using smartphones a nine point increase from 2009. 19% of Malaysians aged 20-24 access the Internet via their mobile phones.

“Although mobile phones accounted for the smallest portion of the three devices, market share will increase due to the importance of three key consumer requirements: mobility, flexibility and accessibility anywhere and anytime,” said Luca Griseri, Director of Customized Research at The Nielsen Company.

The penetration of 3G phones is a key factor in the increasing use of phones to access the Internet. Almost half of Malaysians aged 20-34 own one. But almost half of these users do not use 3G functions, primarily due to cost. That should change, however, as service providers offer more competitive pricing schemes.

“The main trends started last year, such as the uptake of smartphones and the increasing usage of data will continue. At the same time, new trends, for example the success of tablet computers will further change the market and affect consumers’ expectations,” Griseri said. “Telecommunications players can position themselves to accommodate these changes by continuing to offer the latest products and services and focusing on the customer experience. They need to adopt a focused approach around users’ needs by identifying differences among user groups and offer solutions for them. Flexibility and simplicity are key success factors.”

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Andy Atkins-Kruger

CEO at Webcertain
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