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3 Weibo features you may not have heard of

This blog post was updated on 20 June 2023.

Weibo is a popular social network in China.

With around 593 million monthly active users, if you are targeting China, it is important to consider Weibo as part of your social media marketing efforts.

Weibo is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter, but it is important to understand that Weibo is unique, with its own special features and quirks.

This blog post will look at three Weibo features you may not have heard of before, which could elevate your Weibo marketing efforts to a higher level of success.

1. Weibo Window

Weibo Window is a feature that allows Weibo users to sell products directly on the platform. This is not just limited to business accounts; regular users can also use this feature to sell their old things, or to thrift for new clothes, furniture, etc.

2. Wanghong

Wanghongs are professional influencers with huge followings on Weibo. They are people who became famous through Weibo and have made influencing on the platform their full-time job. Brands who want to grow their Weibo presence would definitely benefit from a collaboration with a Wanghong, just be aware it will likely cost a pretty penny.

3. Business account

Corporations/enterprises and organisations can apply for a business account to run ads and get the Chinese audience familiarised with their brand. These accounts can customise their top and side bar (modules) based on their audience engagement needs. For example, enterprises can add social plug-ins in the side area, which allow users to access their social properties, special events, customer services and so on.

Want to learn more?

I hope this blog post has given you a useful introduction to Weibo. For more in-depth information, read the full-length guide here. The full guide explains what the following words and phrases mean, in terms of Weibo:

  • audience
  • auto reply
  • business account
  • content
  • fan’s service
  • forwarding
  • like
  • red envelope money
  • save
  • schedule
  • size limits
  • stories
  • super topic
  • V account
  • video
  • views
  • Wanghong
  • Weibo live interviews
  • Weibo lottery
  • Weibo matrix
  • Weibo on the wall
  • Weibo voting
  • Weibo Wallet
  • Weibo Window
  • Weilingdi
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Anlieka Marconi

Audience Marketing Team Leader at Webcertain
A storyteller at heart, Anlieka has a degree in film making and joined the Webcertain team in 2018 to explore new ways of storytelling through social media. Working closely with the Global Manager of Audience Marketing, she helps clients create both organic and paid campaigns on various international social media platforms. She also conducts research into different international online markets and enjoys writing creative and engaging copies for brands and companies to help them tell their stories. Anlieka was born in the Netherlands, to Indonesian parents and has lived in the UK since 2015.

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