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Ask Jeeves finally gets serious in the European market by launching in Germany

Ask Jeeves has finally launched in Germany with a German version.. Since it’s acquisition by IAC and the commitment of the company to expand multilingually and worldwide – this has been an expected and welcome move.

Multilingual Search announced the launch of Ask in Spain and the acquisition of Excite Italia – the addition of German and French are further key steps in the company’s necessary development in Europe if it is to represent anything akin to a serious European force.

Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Ask Jeeves, Inc explained in their release, “Germany has the greatest number of Internet users in Europe, with more than 42 million people online, and we believe it will be a very important market for the growth of Ask search technology and the Ask brand.

“By creating local sites in countries across Europe, we can offer users more relevant, localized search results. Ask Jeeves offers a world-class search experience to consumers, and we will leverage our differentiated approach to offer a superior search product for German Internet users.”

Malte Krueger is the business development director for Ask Deutschland. He says, “As the German search market grows, we believe that Ask Deutschland will be among the top players in the industry.

“Backed by Ask Jeeves search technology, the new site will offer more of what Internet users are looking for, from finding information on news, weather and entertainment to browsing the best shopping and travel sites.”

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