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eStara’s click-to-call is shining bright in Spain

So far, pay-per-call services have been very successful in the U.S. Given its model and the cultural predisposition, pay-per-call or similar services also promise to deliver in the European climate. Take eStara for instance, who offers a click-to-call service. The company has been offering a “llamar Gratis”(call for free) service in the two biggest yellow pages companies in Spain. Both QDQ and TPI (Paginas Amarillas) are pleased with the results. In fact, QDQ says that this year, the free calling option which facilitates the process of communication between advertisers and their potential customers has surpassed objectives. 20% advertisers have already signed up for the service. And why would they not?

Click-to-call is particularly attractive in Spain and other European countries where internet buying confidence still requires some hand holding and time. People are comfortable searching for and finding products and vendors, but the phone is still an indispensable comfort and a crutch to rely on. Pay-per-call is an excellent way to remedy this weakness and help local vendors take advantage of the internet, maximize their advertising return on investment and not lose the personal touch people feel most comfortable with.

John Federman, CEO of eStara tells us “The rapid acceptance of pay-per-call in the local search market has resulted in mass acceptance of eStara’s click-to-call technology across the globe. By providing these services, both TPI and QDQ are showing thought leadership and paving the way for offering added value to their advertisers.”


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  1. Benoit Dausse says:

    the url for DQD is http://www.qdq.com/ and not http://www.qdq.es

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