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Fashion Beats Gambling In France As One Of The Fastest Growing Verticals

As part of Comscore’s release of May data, the company provided details of the ten fastest growing verticals in France for the month of May compared with April. As the chart below shows, this showed a dramatic spike in demand for car rental, help with taxes and flowers, gifts or greetings.

Of course, all markets have their own seasonality and May in France was no exception. Comscore’s team explains, “There were (sic) a string of bank holidays in France in May, the fastest growing web category was Car Rental (up 69 per cent from the previous month), driven by the growth in monthly visitation to Paris-based European rental car company property Europcar, Hertz.fr, and Priceline subsidiary eLocationdeVoitures.fr. In preparation for an annual income tax filing deadline at the end of May, properties in the Taxes category also saw an increase in visitation of 50 per cent. Finally, as Mother’s Day approached for France, properties purveying flowers, presents, and e-cards in the Flowers/Gifts/Greetings category saw an increase of 43 per cent.”


Fastest Growing Verticals in France in May 2011, According To Comscore

From the data, we have also been able to extract the most important verticals — more useful data to most marketers — from the fastest growing ten. This shows, possibly not surprisingly, that after government sites, the French are particularly interested in Fashion with 28.5% of all web activities focused around the fashion segment. This puts fashion ahead of Lotto/sweepstakes which achieved a reach of only 17.9%.


Most Popular Verticals in France Of Those Growing Fastest, According To Comscore May 2011
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