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4 tips for universities targeting South Korean students


Since 2015, the number of South Korean students has grown each year, and a substantial proportion of these students want to study at overseas universities. According to the Korean Ministry of Education, 239,824 South Korean students left the country to go to university in 2017, up 7% on the previous year.

Many of these students are going to English-speaking countries, with the US being the most popular destination by a significant margin. The UK, Canada and Australia are other destinations, although they currently attract far fewer students than the US.

So, what can universities do to appeal to South Korean prospective students seeking to broaden their horizons and engage in academia abroad?

We have put together a guide on how higher education institutions can target South Korean overseas students, and this blog post looks at a few of the key points. Without further ado, let’s delve into our four top tips.


1. Partner with agencies in South Korea

There are multiple well-established and well-regarded agencies in South Korea that work in the foreign education industry. It is advisable to partner with these agencies to promote your university, as they already have successful marketing and social media strategies in place to best reach prospective students and their parents. This will almost certainly be an easier and more effective way of getting your university programmes in front of the right audience than attempting to do it yourself.

2. Take part in expos and seminars

Expos and seminars are popular in South Korea and you should try to attend these, either by yourself or with a South Korean partner agency. Attendees will be those individuals who are seriously considering attending an overseas university and will be looking for detailed answers to very specific questions.

3. Create promotional videos for YouTube

YouTube is an extremely popular online platform in South Korea. It is therefore recommended that you create Korean-language video content to promote and boost awareness of your university. Once you have uploaded this to YouTube, make sure you optimise it with targeted keywords in the Korean language.

4. Write important webpages in Korean

Make sure that your most important webpages are translated into Korean and optimised for relevant keywords. Webpages about the admissions process and tuition fees definitely need to be translated, as parents (who may not be as good at English as their children) will want to know this information. You should also make sure that your Korean webpages are easy to navigate from the homepage, user-friendly and optimised for mobile.

I hope this has given you a useful introduction to how universities can best target South Korean students online. For more in-depth information, you can read the full guide here.

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Selina Kim

SEO Executive at Webcertain
Selina graduated from Dankook University, South Korea, in 2013, in cinematography and marketing. She has four years’ worth of experience developing online marketing strategies on Naver, Daum, Google, Facebook and Instagram for the e-commerce industry, as well as working as a content writer and web content administrator. At Webcertain, she is in charge of backlink profile monitoring, backlink profile analysis, link building processes, and internal linking audits, specialising in South Korea and Naver. Selina likes to keep up with trends in the international digital industry, and she thrives on strategy development and process improvement. She is originally from South Korea, and now lives in the UK.

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