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Google Adwords quietly powers Voila.fr and Orange.fr

With very little pzazz, Google Adwords has started to feed the pay per click advertising to searches on top French search engine Voila.fr and the also significant Orange.fr – as reported by Abondance. This means Yahoo Search Marketing has lost an important French partner as they previously powered Voila.

According to the Aposition and Weborama barometer of search share in France, Google has a 91% share, Yahoo has 3% and MSN has increased slightly recently to equal Yahoo at 3%. Voila and Orange are well behind at less than .5%. Nonetheless, this is a blow to Yahoo.

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Andy Atkins-Kruger

CEO at Webcertain
Andy is the CEO of Webcertain. He is a trained linguist with 20 years of experience in international marketing, having helped major brand leaders with their advertising and public relations projects on five continents. Webcertain has been operating multilingual search marketing campaigns for over 15 years and is one of few agencies which only deal with international campaigns; the company doesn't deal in single market projects. Andy speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

4 Responses to Google Adwords quietly powers Voila.fr and Orange.fr

  1. SEO in China says:

    These are the kind of partnerships that will make virtually impossible for Yahoo or MSN to play catch up with Google even if their technology evolves.

  2. Also ITV.com is no longer displaying that it is powered by Yahoo or any Overture advertisements. ITV.com has seem to have gone alone and just used a standard site search which is not powered by a third party search engine.

    I have heard of many complaints from people on the Digital Point forums complaining about YPN (Yahoo! Publisher Network) saying that whilst it does tend to pay out more, the number of paid clicks drop as there are not enough ads rotating.

  3. They also seems Yahoo! has been taken away from the Orange UK portal.

    Yahoo UK is still advertising that Orange UK is a content partner… Ouch!:


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