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Eric Schmidt And French President Launch New Google Offices In Paris

December 6th saw Google inaugurate its new French offices in Paris, , which will serve as its headquarters, not only for France but for all its Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa operations.

As part of the celebration, French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited the offices to meet Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt, and while there he connected with many French speaking Googlers from around the world via Google+ Hangouts. Sarkozy praised Google’s dynamism and showed his support of innovation and entrepreneurship. He referenced past conversations with Eric Schmidt, when Sarkozy had expressed the need for the search giant to develop roots in France.

In addition to the Google France offices, the new headquarter will host a development and research centre (in partnership with the French national research centre CNRS) and a cultural institute. Google is working towards expanding its cultural activities and the new offices will be home of worldwide cultural operations. The initial investment represents more than 100 million Euros and 350 Googlers will be working on site.

Eric Schmidt was also speaking at Le Web conference in Paris today.

Fun fact: the new headquarter is located on 8, rue de Londres, Paris.

More info on the official Google blog

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