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How to open and verify an official WeChat account


WeChat is the most popular social network in China, making it an essential platform for your brand to be active on if you want to succeed in the country. With over 1.3 billion monthly active users from all walks of life, WeChat is a valuable marketing tool whether your company is B2C or B2B.

But in order for your company to have a presence on WeChat, you first need to open and verify your official WeChat account. This blog post will explain exactly how to do that and what you will need. Let’s get started!

How to open a WeChat account

To open an official WeChat account, you first have to go to the WeChat official accounts platform. Click the “register now” button, and then fill in the following basic information when prompted:

  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Admin’s full name (as shown on their ID card)
  • Admin’s phone number (including the country code)
  • Admin’s ID number

How to verify a WeChat account

After completing the registration process, most companies proceed to the next step: getting the account verified.

I highly recommend getting verified for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps unlock key features; and secondly, from the user perspective, a verified WeChat account signifies trustworthiness.

WeChat account verification must be done within 30 days of registration. It costs RMB 300 per year. You will need to provide the following, to get your account verified:

  • Company registration certificate or business licence
  • Colour scanned copy of the contact person’s ID card on both sides
  • Application letter (you can find the template on the platform)
  • Phone bill of the contact person, or a statement of the office telephone number, or a bank statement
  • Trademark registration certificate (if you want to name your WeChat account after a trademark)

I recommend that the admin and the contact person are the same person, as this will make the process run smoother.

How long does it normally take?

Normally, the WeChat account verification process is quite straightforward and usually takes around three working days, if you have correctly submitted all the required documents.

However, be aware that it can sometimes take much longer (even as long as six months!) if there are any difficulties with any of the documents. The exact length of time will all depend on whether your business documents make sense.

If WeChat has any questions about your documents, you should be prepared for some back and forth, and take into consideration the time difference between China and your location.

If you are sending over any documents that do not originate from China, try to ensure that they are the closest equivalent to the Chinese ones, so that they make sense.

And if any of your documents are not written in Simplified Chinese, it is a good idea to provide a translation alongside them, to reduce the risk of unnecessary delays.

Need help setting up a WeChat account?

I hope this blog post has been a useful explanation of how to open and verify an official WeChat account.

If you would like assistance setting up your company’s official WeChat account, reach out to Webcertain today! Our friendly team of international social media marketing specialists will be happy to help.

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