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International Search Summit Barcelona November 2018: Main takeaways

International Search Summit has been run by Webcertain for the last ten years. Last month, it was in Barcelona and it was the first time there were two tracks, one for those in PPC and one for those in SEO. A record number of attendees came to the event and already people are asking about the next one in 2019.

Jesus Arias is SEO Manager at Ofertia and he said it was very important to do a link audit on your company site (or client site) when you first start the project. You need to use all the tools available (e.g. ahrefs, Google Search Console, Majestic, LinkDetox, Sistrix), then dedupe and you have a list of links to analyse or disavow. But if you are doing link removal, it is important to work on your off-site strategy at the same time.

Andy Atkins-Krüger from Webcertain mentioned that every international site has geo-targeting issues and even John Müller confirmed that hreflang is the most difficult part of SEO. Many companies are still getting this wrong, but be persistent and you will get it right.

Aleyda Solis from Orainti’s main takeaway is that migration is hard, it will take time to see results but that is why it is important that everyone in the company needs to know that migration will help solve the goal. They need to be behind you on this migration project so you can get on with the job.

David White from Edit shared some great tips about international link building. Links are the necessary evil as they are one of the off-site ranking factors. When outreaching, respect the journalists’ time. They are under a lot of pressure so help them meet their objectives which is more traffic to the their website. Use Social Mention to find out what sites are talking about a particular topic.

Gianluca Fiorelli’s main takeaway was to think of glocalisation. Many companies think of globalisation but it is important to adapt your product to the local market, which is glocalization. McDonald’s is a great example.

Esther Azcano Valdes from Habitant said it was important for us to monitor negative mentions of a brand. Many companies focus on the positive mentions of a brand but there is a lot of work that also goes into removing the negative mentions of a brand and this work needs to be transparent.

Ale Agostini from AvantGrade gave some great SEO tips for Google voice assistant. It starts with solid keyword research, you need to understand if the terms are more around awareness, interest, desire or action. With voice search, you need to focus on the long tail. Once you define your target voice queries, then you can build the webpage.

Daiana Damacus from Webcertain shared some interesting insights on social search engines such as Naver, Baidu and Yandex. If you are entering South Korea, China and Russia, you need to understand these platforms. Naver Blog is one part of Naver and South Koreans love it, so you need to set up a Naver Blog if you want your company to succeed.  When entering these markets, you need to ensure your content marketing and social media team are working together.

For a complete re-cap, check out the full blog post on SEO Jo Blogs.

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