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Israel’s leading internet websites: New data June 2007

Quick update to “Israel’s web popularity contest” , The data comes from TNS:
The percentages relate to weekly exposure rates within the Israeli web users population.
First Number – June 2007, the second one is from January 2007 for comparison

Site Jun-07 Jan-07 Remarks

google.com/co.il 87.5% 82.7%
walla.co.il 69.6% 70.1% Israel’s Biggest portal
ynet.co.il 63.1% 55.2% Biggest News Providor
hotmail/msn 32.2% 32.1%
nana.co.il 31.8% 29.1% Portal
nrg.co.il 28.4% 23.4% News Site
tapuz.co.il 25.2% 27.1% Portal, specializing with communities
youtube.com 24.8% NA
d.co.il 22.4% 15.1% Israel’s YellowPages
zap.co.il 21.8% 18.1% Price comparison site
keshet-tv.com 19.3% 18.4% TV franchisor (one of two at Israel’s channel2, The biggest commercial channel)
yad2.co.il 18.5% 12.4% Sellers-Buyers board
yahoo.com 16.9% 16.2%
one.co.il 15.8% 17.1% Sports Portal
globes.co.il 14.0% 9.5% Finance portal

3 Responses to Israel’s leading internet websites: New data June 2007

  1. Irit says:


    I am looking for a good source of the top Internet portals in Israel (incl. statisctics such as page views, real users, rank, etc) Can you help me with finding such a source? Best

  2. Hamas Hezbollah says:

    facing Hamas & Hezbollah kkkkk…….

  3. Prestige says:


    Can you please explain how and where does TNS Global
    collect their data?

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