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Kinderstart publicity stunt?

As my “Hello World” post at this blog, I’ll start with the disclaimer that I’m a firm believer that in most things, the Internet overall not being the least, the US leads the way. Now I don’t mean only in technology, Internet Penetration Rate, investments, etc., but also in social behaviour and what characterizes product success.

To contrast this with something that, in my opinion, could not happen outside the US, here is a great example of a brilliant publicity stunt!

Kinderstart sues google over loss of ranking

By looking at their spike in traffic, I think they really got their money’s worth.

Good coverage on this by Greg Sterling here as well.

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  1. Nacho Hernandez says:

    Bienvenido Lucas! Genial verte en el equipo de Multilingual Search. Lo mejor para ti siempre.



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