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MSN Spaces: much more than a success in Spain

Let’s get back to MSN for a minute. Now here are some remarkable news: the use of MSN Spaces in Spain literally sky rocketed since it was launched on April 7th. That’s a million active users. Not too shabby. But to put that in perspective, for anyone who is still not impressed, Spain is in THIRD place, with the number of registered users surpassed only by the U.S. (2.5 million) and the U.K. (1.5 million). There’s more. Spain has the most active and fastest growing MSN Spaces user base than any other country.

Ironically enough, despite the noticeable growth in the Spanish market, according to Funadión Auna’s report, eEspaña 2005, Spain’s “information society” is quite a bit behind other European Union countries. To this day, only 34% of the Spanish population is online, falling short of the average 38.9%, not to mention 61% average in northern European countries. In fact, newly joined EU members, Cyprus and Slovenia, are at 53% and 47% respectively.

MSN Spain’s Spaces performance in the short timeframe and the enthrallment of the Spanish growing user base is indeed striking in the light of sluggish internet usage progress in general.


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