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New App Launches To Improve Productivity And Efficiency In Managing International Digital Campaigns

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It’s become second nature to many of us; whether we’re on a train or the bus, waiting for a meeting to start or even the kettle to boil, checking our mobile phones and our apps is something that we do automatically. They are often the quickest and easiest way to get the latest weather forecast, find out the sports scores, learn of breaking news or watch a funny video clip.

Increasingly, it’s not just for entertainment that we are turning to apps, but also to carry out our jobs. And it seems like many businesses are tapping into this, and even rolling out BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, where employees are encouraged to use their own mobile devices as part of their work and permitted to use relevant apps which will aid them to carry out their role.

The newly-released Webcertain app  is one such app, that will enhance the service we provide to our customers and partners and make it even easier for busy marketers to stay on top of their global campaigns.

The app, now available in iTunes App Store, is based upon Webcertain’s Global Central system, an online portal which allows businesses large and small 24/7 access to the progress of their international online marketing campaigns. As so many of our users are often on the go, we believe the introduction of the app will improve efficiency amongst global teams.

With the app, all stakeholders can log in anytime, anywhere and manage their projects more effectively. It allows international clients and agencies to view services and prices, fill in project briefs and see how their projects and campaigns are progressing in real-time. The app also includes Global Central Analytics, which integrates data from a range of platforms including AdWords, Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, allowing users to track the performance of their campaigns and identify areas of concern, or opportunity.

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So Why Download The App?

  • View details and prices of over 1000 services focused on delivering online marketing success in multiple languages, countries, search engines and social networks
  • Get campaigns up and running faster, by completing project briefs on the go
  • Ensure all stakeholders around the globe see the same information and are up-to-date on progress
  • Total transparency on all aspects of your international online activities
  • Monitor the real-time performance of international campaigns, broken down by country, to ensure issues are resolved immediately and big opportunities aren’t missed

Existing users can login in immediately with their Global Central details, new users will need to register for a free login first.

The future of business is increasingly entwined with mobile, and apps are becoming an increasingly effective tool to drive productivity and efficiency.  So it’s time to click that download button and boost global performance and engagement.

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Graeme Sewell

Director of Innovation at Webcertain
Graeme has been in the international search industry since 2005 and is currently the Director of Innovation at Webcertain. Prior to his current position, Graeme was primarily cutting his teeth on apps and paid search and working with some of the most significant advertising platforms across the globe and servicing a wide range of multinational brands with strategic consultancy, campaign planning and bid management. Following this he co-founded and led KeywordFluency, a company specialising in turn-key multilingual solutions ranging from international paid search, SEO, online PR, social media and consulting, specifically designed for agencies.

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