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An SMX/Sphinn event in Israel?

Barry from SEroundtable postes in his personal blog about a
possible SEO event in Israel, (and maybe I for once will need no hotel nor flights to arrange…)

From Barry’s post:

I can probably get a sponsor with the help of Third Door Media coordinating the event under an SMX or Sphinn thing. It is very early on, just a concept right now, so no guarantees on that. I am just fishing the idea around.

The Israeli SEO/SEM industry grows up massive, it was just a matter of time…

6 Responses to An SMX/Sphinn event in Israel?

  1. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Barry is looking for people to show interest – sign up on Sphinn and cast your vote:


  2. David Temple says:

    Okay now I’m jealous. How about SMX on this side of the world? Looks like SES isn’t interested anymore so who’s going to fill the void?

  3. Gilad Sasson says:

    We have plenty of room inside or at the garden, Google is already there 🙂

  4. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Good excuse to visit you Gilad – how many spare rooms do you have again? 😉

  5. Prestige says:

    That will be awsome 😉

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