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Stabilisation of internet usage in Greece at 30 %

According to a research conducted recently by Gfk Market analysis, the total internet usage in Greece is now stabilised at around 29-30%. Nevertheless it is worth noticing that the usage difference among Athens, other major cities and the province is important. As a result we can talk about a dual speed internet. In Athens usage reaches a 42% of the population, in Thessaloniki (next biggest city) 37% while in other urban and agricultural areas usages reaches only a 16%.

Further data analysis indicate a significant usage difference among sex (males 33%, females 22%), age (18-24 yrs 43%, 55-64 yrs 10%), education (university level 51%, elementary school 5%) as well as between social classes (upper 52%, medium 22%, lower 6%).

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  1. Troy says:

    Good info.. I am looking for search engine usage stats in Greece..What are the most popular search engines..and their shares…


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