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Telefonica’s dispute over an accented domain in Chile

More fun domain disputes. If you’ve been following Multilingual Search for some time you may have read a story last year, about internationalizing the Chilean .cl domains.

To summarize, it means that the .cl domains can use “ñ”, “ü” and other accentuated characters, grammatically correct Spanish.

The dispute was between the Spanish giant Telefonica España and Telefonica del Sur (Lusic group). While the Lusic group has owned the www.telefonica.cl domain since 1998, with the new option to use accents, Telefonica España presented a claim to Chilean NIC to use the accented domain, www.telefónica.cl. In the end, Telefonica del Sur won the “game”, the ruling said that the two domains were too similar and would inevitably confuse users.

But it does make you wonder, if this is just the beginning. There are plenty brand name and misspelling domain disputes, but it looks like accents and tildes will give us another twist to look out for. The true essence of multilingual.



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