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The Search Engine Landscape in Denmark

Inspired by Kristjan’s post about Iceland, here is a short run down of the Search Engine Landscape in Denmark

The search market in Denmark has historically, until the worldwide Google dominance, been driven by local directory Jubii (sold to Swedish Spray, now owned by Lycos). However Jubii has become a shade of itself and now sits on 5-7% market share, but still the only somewhat relevant directory to submit your Danish language sites to.

I December they published a list new fees for commercial websites, which in my opinion is totally out of touch with reality. They charge way too much to justify a commercial listing and your money will probably be spent more wisely on ppc or linkbuilding elsewhere.

The national search engine market looks something like this:

Eniro.dk (Google driven)
Minor local players

Milage may vary depending on your optimisation efforts, but like most other European countries, spending your time optimising for Google is a very good bet.

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3 Responses to The Search Engine Landscape in Denmark

  1. Mims Wright says:

    Do you know the percentage of travelers in Norway and Denmark who plan OR book through search engines?

  2. Rasmus Sørensen says:

    Good question Paul and the answer should of course be taken with a grain of salt as everyone’s mileage may vary. Eg. depending on your optimisation efforts, your target market etc. etc.

    My own stats over a huge amount of own and clients sites show that the search engine market in Denmark looks something like this:

    Google.dk * 65-70%
    Google.com * 10-12%
    Eniro.dk (Google driven) * 8-10%
    MSN.dk * 6-8%
    Jubii.dk * 4-6%
    Yahoo.dk * 2-3%
    Minor local players 3-4%

    Hope that’ll give you an idea?

  3. Paul Aelen says:

    HI Rasmus…do you also know the percentages market share of the Search Engines Danmark?

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