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3 lesser-known platforms for digital marketing in France

This blog post was updated on 14 December 2021.

The French market is wealthy and digitally mature, making it very attractive to businesses wanting to expand internationally.

With 92% of the French population being online, digital marketing is one strategy you definitely need to pursue if you want to succeed there.

You are probably familiar with how to do digital marketing on the global platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon – but did you know that the French have many of their own platforms, that are worth considering if you want to target this market?

This blog post will look at three lesser-known, home-grown platforms that you should be aware of when doing digital marketing in France.

1. Qwant

Qwant is a French-grown search engine that promises to protect user privacy by providing neutral search results and not using tracking cookies. Its target audience is government institutions, companies and individuals concerned about their online privacy and security. Currently, Qwant only has 1% of the search engine market. However, it has huge future growth potential due to the fact that the French government strongly recommends the use of Qwant in all schools in the country. The fact that all French children are growing up using Qwant as their main search engine at school means that Qwant’s market share could skyrocket as these children grow up. For this reason, it is definitely a search engine to keep an eye on.

2. Heypster

Heypster is a French alternative to Facebook. It has a vintage design and promises to protect users’ personal data by not selling it. Advertising on Heypster is much less intrusive than what we are used to seeing on other platforms, with ads being integrated into the design. As an advertiser, you can target your audience very easily, as Heypster connects users to their passions via badges that users select from over 200 choices. Just target the badges most relevant to your product/brand! Famous brands such as Levi’s, Mazda and Converse are already advertising on Heypster with simple vintage designs, which lead users to the brands’ websites.

3. Leboncoin

Leboncoin is the second-largest e-commerce platform in France, after Amazon. It has around 30 million unique visitors per month, making it hugely important if you want to sell your products in the country. A very wide range of items can be listed on Leboncoin, including clothes and shoes, electrical appliances, vehicles, home items, and more.

I hope this has given you a useful introduction to digital marketing in France. For more in-depth information, read my free, full-length guide here. The guide covers:

  • the current digital landscape in France, including internet penetration rates
  • the typical French internet user, including their gender, age and online activities
  • device usage breakdowns and internet speeds in France
  • search engine marketing in France
  • social media marketing in France
  • the local culture and language in France
  • e-commerce in France
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