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Three Things To Ensure You Get App Localisation Right


Around 90% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps. With apps being such an important part of the mobile experience, it’s essential that your app gives your users a positive experience.

If your app is targeting a foreign market, then you need to make sure that your app is fully localised to that country.

Here are three ways you can localise your app.

1. App translation

It’s important that your app is in the native language of your target market. If you try to push an English app into a non-English speaking country, it will not work. Users are unlikely download it as they will not think it is aimed at them, and even if they do, they might not understand it.

You should get a team of professional translators and software localisation engineers to translate your app, so that they can work together to produce an app that meets all the linguistic and technical demands of your target market.

2. Linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing

You should get native speakers and professional testers to test your app from a linguistic, cosmetic and functional perspective.

Linguistic testing will ensure that there are no inconsistencies, errors, missing translations or formatting issues with your app.

Cosmetic and functional testing will ensure that your app has no issues that may affect the end user journey. It is important to check if the functionality of the app has been affected by the integration of localised content, including symbols, colours, date and time formats and currency.

3. International app store optimisation (ASO)

It is very important that your app store page contains high quality, local keyword-optimised meta content. You should also optimise your app description, image, image text and screenshots. Make sure that you don’t just translate your English listings; your foreign listings need to be written from scratch with your target market in mind.

If you follow these three tips for app localisation, then you’re well on your way to creating an app that will properly resonate with your target market. For more in-depth information, download our free guide on app localisation.


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