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Watch the recording: Customer journey mapping: The key to digital marketing success

It is not a secret anymore that understanding your audience is the key to marketing success. Customer journey mapping is a tool that can help define your audience’s needs, problems and interactions with your business, which later on become crucial insights to develop marketing strategies.

As marketers, our understanding of customer service comes from a marketing perspective, which can lead to discrepancies between our expectations and the customer’s real-life experience. This is why we need customer journey mapping; a visual storyline of how the audience engages with the business, brand, product or services at every stage. By implementing a customer journey map, it allows us to create an experience-led strategy that improves and enhances the overall customer experience.

Some call it customer experience (CX), others user experience, or customer journey. It depends on the objective and for whom and why we create this visualisation map.

Where does customer journey mapping fit in digital marketing?

Customer journey mapping allows for more in-depth research into a particular persona, which is needed in order to create a customer-driven strategy. This process generates insights through an in-depth understanding of a persona’s behaviour during every engagement they have with a brand, product or service. This allows the business to have an overview of all the touchpoints and stages and identify any gaps or opportunities.

Why do you need customer journey mapping?

  • It is a great visual guidance tool that helps create an end-to-end overview of the customer experience at every stage of engagement with your brand, product or services.
  • It can act as a guide that allows you to pinpoint experience gaps or opportunities at every engagement stage. These insights can then be used to help develop a customer-centric strategy.
  • It helps you determine the type of content, including the kind of messages and visuals, that resonate with your customer base.
  • It can identify if there are any missing connections or critical pain points that generate customer frustration when they interact with your brand, product or services.

So, how do you successfully set up a customer journey map? What do you need to develop the right kind of customer journey that leads to a successful digital marketing campaign?

For answers to these questions, and everything else you need to know about customer journey mapping, check out our webinar recording on this topic!

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Vebri Carolin

Content Marketing Strategist at Webcertain
Vebri is a Content Marketing Strategist at Webcertain. With her extensive experience as a Digital Campaign Strategist and Art Director, she has developed robust problem-solving skills in designing and orchestrating customer-centric campaign strategies. Experienced with a variety of industries including FMCG and manufacturing, Vebri ensures that digital campaign strategies are developed to bring impact to different businesses. Her strong academic background (she has a BA in Visual Communication Design and an MA in Design Strategy and Innovation) helps Vebri unite data-driven strategies with creative points of view. Originally from Indonesia, she now lives in London.

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