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Walla.co.il – #2 search media in Israel moves to PPC

Walla.co.il, Israel’s biggest Internet Portal and search engine till 2005 sent a notice to all its advertisers, announcing a shift from PPI (pay per Inclusion at a fixed price) to Pay Per Click. The change will be implemented starting January 1st, 2007.
Walla, a public company, was the biggest Internet Media in Israel since 1998, A year ago was the first time for walla to get in second place, when Google.co.il, the Hebrew version of the G monster passed them.

Current weekly exposure for the two (July 2006 data) are:

Google.co.il – 79.1% weekly exposure amongst Israeli web Users (3.9 Million)
Walla.co.il – 67.6% weekly exposure amongst Israeli web Users (3.9 Million)

The new bidding system that Walla will be providing to its advertisers is very similar to Google’s adwords and the offered bidding gaps will be at Intervals of 0.25 NIS (~0.06 $).
An interesting and refreshing change that the new method is supposed to bring is that Interactive and SEM agencies will get a revenue share from the PPC deals at a percentage that wasn’t published yet.

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  1. Avataridur says:

    since a half year, I can open my mail in Israeli language. somebody know, how to change in English?

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  3. Avataralgoholic says:

    I’ll be glad to try and respond if you’ll translate your q to English 🙂

  4. AvatarGHYS MARYVONNE says:

    pourriez vous me donner plus d’information sur les 3 soldats qui aurez vue Rahel Emenou à Gaza, il paraitrait qu’ils ont passé à la télé, àquel chaine ?y a t-il une vidéo ? etc merci j’attend votre réponse Shalom

  5. Avataryousef says:

    send me about israel

  6. Avatarinbal says:

    why no one explain me how come they dont have not costumer service and where the hell did my mailbox gone in the last week – fuckers as soon as I get my mail box back Im off this fucked up website

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