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Web2.0Sport – Fans to Coach Team Via the Web

LinkBait goes to 2nd grade – Israeli web2sport community purchased a soccer team and from now on all professional decisions aren’t made by a coach, the fans will decide.

From Reuters:

Most of our surfers like the idea that they can decide what the team will do: who will be in the first 11, what formation they will play and who will be the substitutes
The Internet fans can drag players they think should play into their preferred positions on a pitch diagram by a deadline. The information is then collated and the players who get the most votes will line up for the next match. We thank our sponsors – Play65 Backgammon site.

Wifi available so the fans can influence from stadium seats too

A group photo of the team – getting instructions directly from the Mac…

All the games are transmitted live and the fans decide on positions changes, substitutes (and replacing timing) etc. This makes Hapoel Play65 Kiryat Shalom the first Interactive team that is managed as a social media democracy.



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