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Andy Atkins-Kruger

Yahoo pushes out the boat in Vietnam and upsets the locals

According to Vietnamnet, Yahoo is pushing the boat out in terms of new product launches in Vietnam – a market of around 20 million internet users with a largely young profile. Only in April this year, Yahoo appointed Vu Minh Tri as the General Director of Yahoo Vietnam.

Vietnam is a particularly interesting market for Yahoo. It’s in the east where traditionally Yahoo has a strong foothold – and Vietnam is one of the few markets where Microsoft doesn’t have any presence – so it’s much more of a two horse race.

This year Yahoo has launched services via Vietnamese newspapers, working with Mobifone to provide mobile phone search – and appointed four local agencies to go and sell ads. Only trouble is, Yahoo doesn’t appear to have a clear legal status to do this. According to Vietnamenet, they’re operating on a Singaporean licence – which is a bit like a Canadian company trading in the US on it’s Canadian credentials I guess! But there is life in the ole’ dog yet in the east – that’s for sure!

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Andy Atkins-Kruger

Andy Atkins-Kruger

CEO at Webcertain
Andy is the CEO of Webcertain. He is a trained linguist with 20 years of experience in international marketing, having helped major brand leaders with their advertising and public relations projects on five continents. Webcertain has been operating multilingual search marketing campaigns for over 15 years and is one of few agencies which only deal with international campaigns; the company doesn't deal in single market projects. Andy speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

3 Responses to Yahoo pushes out the boat in Vietnam and upsets the locals

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  2. Avatardylanvuvu says:

    Google thought about entering this market a few years back and offered Vietnam a country consultant as in like that of Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines instead actually open an office and hire a general manager like Yahoo did.

    Since the consultant has no legal binding with Google, the Vietnamese could not touch Google. But as for Yahoo, they made a mistake of having a legal entity in the country, and the scariest part was having Yahoo Vietnam’s chief saying that they will obey the Vietnamese law (Vietnamese government don’t give out Brownie points for this and Yahoo users are wondering if Yahoo will give out their person account info to the government on demand).

    Yahoo thought Vietnamese would welcome them with red carpets if the have a physical presence in the country. They are wrong ! Having a legal entity here would only make Yahoo less attractive in terms of privacy and security protection from prying eyes of the government.

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