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Yahoo Scandinavia opens the doors again

After closing their local sites 1.5 years ago, Yahoo has once again opened up to local users in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The local sites have a very similar look and feel to the US site, but one major difference is the absence of the directory.

At the time of posting, there are signs that the directory will not return to Scandianvia and so far no signs of local Surfers (Yahoo’s editors) have been spotted. Running and maintaining a quality directory is of course a heavy manual task and with the relatively small population in these countries in mind, one cannot blame Yahoo for not continuing to keep the directory afloat. The last few years of actively running Yahoo Scandinavia, Yahoo spent quite a lot of money .

Interesting and refreshing of course that the local search is back (and quite good for that matter), but with a mild aftertaste as it was the once the great directory that made Yahoo!

Have at look at Yahoo Denmark, Yahoo Sweden and Yahoo Norway.

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