Russian Yandex acquires social networking site

Yandex announced today that they have acquired the popular networking sites for professionals,

The social network site which translates as ‘my circle’ in English, helps to maintain and build business contacts, find classmates, peers and colleagues. In a similar way to the service allows members to grow their networks and give/receive recommendations. As you might expect it is also actively used for job seekers, with thousands of positions currently listed.

Most of the site users live in Russia (84%) although they have members in Ukraine (5%) and Belarus (5.0%). The average member of has more than 4 years of professional experience, with more than 50% of members working in one of the following four fields: IT/Internet/Telecom, Marketing/PR, Education/Sciences and Banking/Investing. members have work experience at approximately fifty thousand companies.

“The service, the Russian LinkedIn, is a great professional networking tool, used even by many of our own employees to maintain their networks of industry contacts”. said Roman Ivanov, the head of communication services of Yandex. “Simply put, adding’s services and experienced team to Yandex will make our services more social.”

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