China Blocks Two Apple Services

Global Marketing News – 26th April 2016 China blocks two Apple services Apple’s online book and movie services have been shut down in China in a move that tightens internet security to prevent “online threats” such as terrorism or harmful … Read More


YouTube Ads More Effective Than TV Ads

Global Marketing News – 25th April 2016 YouTube ads more effective than TV ads Google has announced the findings of its analysis of television advertising campaigns. Matt Brittin, Google’s top European-executive, has revealed that the data taken from eight countries … Read More


Google Charged With Android Abuse By EU

Global Marketing News – 22nd April 2016 Google charged with Android abuse by EU Google has been formally issued antitrust charges by the European Commission. The company is accused of being in breach of EU laws of competition by placing … Read More


Report Reveals World’s Most Innovative Countries

Global Marketing News – 21st April 2016 Report reveals world’s most innovative countries Switzerland has been named the most innovative country in the world, followed by the United Kingdom and Sweden. The Global Innovation Index also reported that whilst European … Read More


Facebook Advert Engagement Hotspots Revealed

Global Marketing News – 20th April 2016 Facebook advert engagement hotspots revealed Research by Nanigans has revealed that India and South East Asia have a higher Facebook advert engagement rate than the Asia-Pacific average. The average click-through rate for Facebook … Read More