Global Brands Improve Facebook ROI In Emerging Markets

Global Marketing News – 30th June 2015 Global brands improve Facebook ROI in emerging markets Facebook has launched a program called Creative Accelerator, which shows different ads depending on a user’s internet speed, location and gender. With over a billion … Read More


Technology Giant Alibaba Sells US Ecommerce Flop

Global Marketing News – 29th June 2015 Technology giant Alibaba sells US ecommerce flop Alibaba has sold its US-based ecommerce site 11 Main to a key American competitor, highlighting the company’s withdrawal from foreign markets as it seeks to solidify … Read More


Google Gives Spanish Start-Ups An Advantage

Global Marketing News – 26th June 2015 Google opens Google Campus Madrid to boost Spanish tech start-ups Google has opened a “Campus” in Madrid. Google Campus Madrid is a space where technology start-ups and entrepreneurs can go to work, network, … Read More


Baidu’s iQiyi To Acquire 1,000 Hollywood Titles

Global Marketing News – 24th June 2015 Baidu’s iQiyi to acquire 1,000 Hollywood titles Baidu is to head to Hollywood, thanks to its video streaming subsidiary, iQiyi. The service hit five million subscribers in June, an increase of 765% from … Read More


Microsoft Opens Ecommerce Store In India

Global Marketing News – 22nd June 2015 Microsoft opens ecommerce store in India Microsoft has opened a store on the Indian ecommerce site Snapdeal. The branded store will sell Microsoft smartphones, tablets, PCs and software and will offer free shipping, … Read More


France Threatens Google With Sanctions

Global Marketing News – 18th June 2015 France threatens Google with sanctions The data privacy watchdog in France, the CNIL, has ordered Google to remove links from all of its domains under the “EU right to be forgotten” law. The … Read More


Yahoo Japan Enters Partnership With Alibaba

Global Marketing News – 12th June 2015 Yahoo Japan enters partnership with Alibaba Yahoo Japan has announced that it will be entering into a partnership with the Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba later this summer. The deal will make it cheaper … Read More