globla marketing news 29 july 2015 japan ad spending

The Money Is In Mobile In Japan

Global Marketing News – 29th July 2015 The money is in mobile in Japan Research by Kenshoo has revealed that mobile ad spending is booming in Japan. Overall online ad spend went up by 15% in the country last year, … Read More

global marketing news 28 july 2015 slow internet speed

Slow Page Load Speeds Limit International Success

Global Marketing News – 28th July 2015 Slow page load speeds limit international success Businesses targeting international markets are putting their performance at risk by having slow loading speeds, research has suggested. A report from Nielsen has revealed that 47% … Read More

global marketing news 24 july 2015 ebay yourstory india shemeansbusiness

Ebay India Encourages Women To Drive Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 24th July 2015 Ebay India launches #SheMeansBusiness to encourage women into ecommerce Ebay India and Your Story have partnered up to launch a campaign called #SheMeansBusiness, an initiative designed to encourage women in India to become … Read More

global marketing news 22 july 2015 google

Google Profits Dented By Global Exchange Rates

Global Marketing News – 22nd July 2015 Google profits dented by global exchange rates Google’s quarterly revenues have increased by 11% compared to the same period last year, reaching almost 18 billion US dollars. Advertising revenue accounted for 16 billion … Read More

global marketing news 21 july 2015 vkontakte image app

VKontakte To Launch Rival To Instagram

Global Marketing News – 21st July 2015 VKontakte to launch rival to Instagram The Russian social network VKontakte is to launch an image app to rival Instagram. VKontakte’s image app will be completely integrated with the social network, with images … Read More

global marketing news 16 july 2015 google play bans vkontakte

VKontakte App Banned From Google Play Store

Global Marketing News – 16th July 2015 VKontakte app banned from Google Play app store VKontakte’s app has been removed from the Google Play app store. VKontakte is Russia’s most popular social network, with 85 million users, out of a … Read More