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African Ad Network Pamoja Launched

According to The White African Blog, a new Ad network has been launched called Pamoja Media. Started by Joshua Wanyama (of AfricanPath) and Benin Mwangi (of Cheetah Index), it’s an ad network created to serve advertisers trying looking for a one-stop-shop for publishers in Africa, or that reach Africans in the diaspora.

Publisher requirements are quite high. Among other factors sites must have an Alexa ranking of 250,000 or better and a minimum of 2,000 pageviews per day. This looks like an interesting option for advertisers targeting the continent or publishers looking to monetize though.

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4 Responses to African Ad Network Pamoja Launched

  1. Nick Wilsdon says:


    Just corrected that in the post, thanks for commenting.

  2. Joshua Wanyama says:

    Thanks for the post Nick. Just wanted to point out that the daily pageviews was a typo. The number should be 2,000 daily pageviews.

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