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45.3% of Ukraine prefers speaking Russian

Ordered by a US governmental institution, the Kiev International Sociological Institute conducted an opinion poll of 2,021 Ukrainians by the end of 2005, the results of which were published by the REGNUM News Agency today.

According to the research, despite the fact that 76.7% of the respondents consider themselves to be Ukrainians and only 18.2% — Russians, 44.2% of Ukrainian inhabitants prefer to speak Ukrainian at home, 42.4% — Russian, 11.3% mixture of Ukrainian and Russian.

On the whole, 45.3% confessed that they find it easier to speak Russian, 44.0% — Ukrainian.

Certainly these findings are supported by the rapid expansion into the country by the Russian mega-portal Yandex. As a marketer looking to break into the Ukraine market, a dual language approach is still strongly recommended.

Source: Regnum

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