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6 markets where Instagram is wildly popular

Instagram is hugely popular all around the world. The image-based social platform currently has over 1 billion monthly active users, with the average Instagram user spending 29 minutes on the platform every single day. Its popularity has made it a no-brainer for many brands when it comes to connecting with their audiences via social media marketing. But whilst Instagram is used in many markets, there are some countries where it really stands out, with a penetration rate of over 85%! The infographic below highlights six markets where Instagram is wildly popular.

In which countries is Instagram most popular?

The recently-published Webcertain search and social report 2023 looked at 57 countries around the world. Out of these 57 countries, Instagram was amongst the top five most popular social platforms in 56 countries – in other words, 98% of the countries surveyed. As you can see in the infographic above, the six countries where Instagram saw the highest penetration rates were:

  • Turkey: 91% of Turkish internet users say they use Instagram every month.
  • Brazil: 90% of Brazilian internet users say they use Instagram every month.
  • Chile: 87% of Chilean internet users say they use Instagram every month.
  • Indonesia: 87% of Indonesian internet users say they use Instagram every month.
  • Argentina: 86% of Argentinian internet users say they use Instagram every month.
  • Colombia: 86% of Colombian internet users say they use Instagram every month.

Are you surprised to see Turkey at the top of this list? Of course, the stats above are looking at penetration rates, not numbers of users, so Turkey is certainly not the biggest Instagram market – but it is the most engaged.

If you are targeting any of the countries listed above, you may want to consider whether Instagram could be a valuable addition to your social media marketing strategy. It will, of course, depend on your audience and your budget, but if those two boxes get a tick, it could make a lot of sense to try to reach your target customers through this channel!

Is Instagram appropriate for any industry?

Instagram is best-known as a B2C platform. Many B2C brands successfully take advantage of Instagram to promote and sell products directly to followers. With a variety of different ways for B2C brands to showcase their products – from images, to stories, to videos/reels – it is clear why many B2C brands are seeing the levels of success that they are. Since Instagram is a visual platform, visually-pleasing industries such as fashion, beauty, tech/gadgets, art/design and travel are especially well-placed to succeed on Instagram.

However, Instagram can also be a place where B2B brands can succeed, although your social media strategy will need to be very different. B2B products/services are not usually suitable to sell directly on Instagram, but you can still use the platform as a tool to boost your brand awareness, that lets users know you and your company better. Use Instagram as a medium through which to communicate your brand story and brand values to potential customers and recruits. Since prospective clients and employees are likely to check out your social media platforms when deciding whether or not they want to work with/for you, utilising Instagram in this way definitely has value.

Want to learn more?

Were you surprised to see Turkey at the top of the list? It goes to show the importance of relying on data, rather than assumptions, when creating your international digital marketing strategies. To learn more fascinating facts and stats about how digital marketing works in 57 different countries, check out the Webcertain search and social report 2023 by clicking the button below!

Data sources

The statistics quoted in this blog post come from the Webcertain search and social report 2023, which quotes data from DataReportal.

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