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7.8 million Ukrainian users online per month

New figures published by CyberSecurity.ru have shown the number of internet users in Ukraine rose by 1% between January and February of this year. There are now 7767005 (7.8m) unique users per month online in the country. That represents massive growth of 74% on the same period last year (4475888/ 4.4m users)

The Kiev region leads the way with 58.8% of the total audience, the Chernivtsi region was the least active with only 0.12%. After Kiev, in descending order of popularity were Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv and Zaporozhye. These amounted to 30.74% of the total audience.

According to Ukrainian IPs, the search leader in the country is currently Google with 67.15%. Next come Yandex (17.72%), Rambler (3.09%), Bigmir.net (3,08) and the Ukrainian directory Meta.ua (2.90%).

The top queries in the country were: weather, work, chat, the map of Kiev, car markets and news.

Source: CyberSecurity.ru

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