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Advice To Exporters: Focus On Africa, Not China

Global Marketing News – 6th January 2016

Advice to exporters: Focus on Africa, not China

Director General of the Institute of Export, Lesley Batchelor OBE, says businesses should consider exporting to Africa, rather than focusing on markets such as China. Talking in an interview with Webcertain.tv, she named the continent as the biggest current opportunity for exporters, but advised caution when targeting the region.

You can see the full interview with Lesley on Webcertain.tv today, or get it on Webcertain.tv Catch-up.

English becoming less important online language

The dominance of the English language on the web is weakening, according to research by Funredes.

20 years ago, the vast majority (80%) of online content was written in English. Ten years later, this had fallen to 45%, and the research suggests this figure is still falling.

The reason for this shift appears to be the fact that more non-English speakers are coming online and producing content.

20 years ago, 80% of internet users were native English speakers – now it is more like 25%.

The rise of other languages is being touted as a good thing by some commentators. As more non-English speakers create online content, more non-English speakers are encouraged to come online to read it – a spiral of ever increasing linguistic diversity.

The study revealed that Russian, German and Japanese are the next most popular online languages after English, with each accounting for around 5-6% of online content.

Brazilian Christmas 2015 ecommerce trends revealed

Research by E-bit and Buscapé has revealed how many Brazilians engaged in ecommerce as part of their Christmas shopping.

Brazilians spent 7.4 billion Brazilian reals online over the Christmas period, equivalent to 1.8 billion US dollars.

9.3 million Brazilians went online to do their Christmas shopping in 2015, an increase of 17% on Christmas 2014.

Mobile commerce also saw strong growth, with 14% more people engaging in mobile shopping compared to the previous year.

Brazil has an internet population of 108 million people, equivalent to 53% of the population.

The Brazilian ecommerce market is worth an estimated 20 billion US dollars annually and is growing rapidly at a rate of 24% per year.

Twitter to focus on Middle East for 2016 growth

Twitter has said that it will be focusing on the Middle East this year as a key market for growing both user numbers and advertising revenues.

The region is already the fastest growing region for the social networking site and users in the region are described as being highly engaged, with tweets getting an average of 3% engagement.

To continue its strong growth in the region, Twitter will take a proactive approach in attracting advertisers. For example, it has recently launched a self-service advertising platform targeting small-to-medium sized businesses in the Middle East.

Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms in the world, with almost 320 million monthly active users.

Facebook revenue growth lies in emerging markets

And finally, Facebook is turning to emerging markets for its future advertising revenue growth.

Facebook is gaining users most rapidly in markets such as the Asia Pacific region and some parts of Africa, but these users are generating the social network much less advertising revenue than their North American and European counterparts.

To attract more advertisers in developing countries, Facebook is embarking on a series of new initiatives aimed at these countries.

One example is the launch of its Immersive Canvas mobile advertising format in the Asia Pacific region. Immersive Canvas ads expand to full-screen size to allow users to do things like buy an item on a website-style interface without actually leaving the social network.

It is also expanding its video advertising target-rating points metric to certain Asia Pacific countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia.

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