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Alibaba, “Connecting China and the World”

Former President Clinton will be back for an internet related visit to China. But that’s probably not the biggest news. What’s more interesting is the event he will be speaking at. On September 10th, Alibaba, China’s largest and by far the most successful Chinese e-commerce company is hosting China’s Internet Summit with a global signature. “Connecting China and the World,” will bring together a number of renowned players from the global playground for a dialogue intended as a sort of brainstorming session to address imminent issues in the Chinese internet market (ie. future of online gaming, ecommerce, and globalization issues). According to Alibaba the summit is non-partisan and it certainly seems that way, considering Alibaba has invited Meg Whitman, CEO of Ebay, also known as Alibaba’s primary competitor.

Source: Auctionbytes

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