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Google not finding good hires in India

According to the TimesOfIndia, Google is having problems finding the right employees in India. Middle management seems to be an area Google has troubles finding suitable employees in the India area.

Murdoch planning Chinese MySpace

It seems Rupert Murdoch – owner of Fox Media and MySpace – plans on launching a Chinese version of MySpace. If it is half as popular there then I think we will se MySpace as the number one visitied site … Read More

Australian Govt. start mobile porn laws

The newspapers in Australia are covering a developing story about laws being started to regulate adult content for mobile phones. Though not strictly search, this restriction can have consequences to other industries on the web. Censorship needs to be regulated … Read More

Baidu, Joyo sign ad deal

Joyo, the Chinese Amazon.com, has signed a deal with Baidu for placement of ads on the Baidu site. Joyo, which expanded into numerous ecommerce areas, is a prominent Chinese b2b player.

Japanese portal founder jailed

Takafumi Horie, founder of Liverdoor – a major Japanese portal – has been jailed along with other members of the executive board following allegations of breaches in the country’s Securities Exchange Law. The beleaguered company has dropped more than 60% … Read More

Guanxi: secret to marketing in China

A recent article at CMO magazine discusses the subtleties of marketing in China. The use of guanxi – your “network of influence” or your sphere of friends and acquaintences – is explained as being far more valuable than other Western … Read More

Is China the next big thing?

Jamie Gottlieb over at Adotas.com gives an interesting spin on the rampant growth of online marketing in China. She suggests the billion dollar investment by Yahoo!, the data center being developed by Google and IPOs like Baidu.com – all suggest … Read More

Japan wants its own search engine

Seems the Japanese government wants the people of Japan to have its own search engine. One developed by the Japanese for the Japanese to counter the presence of Google Japan, Yahoo! Japan and others.

Aussie search engine Sensis adds Click to call

The popularity of Click to Call is gaining global support as Sensis anounced an offering for Push to Talk using Estara technology. Their press release states: “Sensis is very excited to offer Australia’s first ‘Click to Call’ solution, a leading … Read More

Baidu high on censorship

According to a recent article in The Guardian, Chinese search engine Baidu founder, Robin Li, may have shown he can go toe to toe with Google in China, but it also indicates he is heavy on censorship. As the article … Read More

ICANN to approve .asia domain

A recent article at Bizreport.com indicated that ICANN has given tentative approval of the .asia domain. This should help some, while also causing the usual stampede for open domains. The question remains is this another false lead – like the … Read More