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Google partners with Sina

Major Chinese portal Sina has signed a partnership deal with Google, according to MarketWatch.com. Google will provide a search box on the Sina pages, while Sina will provide Chinese news to Google. The partnership has been the topic of discussion … Read More

Google's multilingual search tool

I just found the Google multilingual search tool. It is a good starting point, but remember to try a keyword suggestion tool to find the words that may actually be used. Looking at what the local sites are using for … Read More

Blogs to be censored in China

Once again the fear of freedom has pushed the Chinese government to censorship. This time blogs are the target. According to Reuters, “the director of China’s General Administration of Press and Publication, Long Xinmin, said the administration was forming rules … Read More

MSN China to provide job search engine

MSN China has announced it will roll out a job search engine. Company spokesperson Richard Feng said “we are going to offer a job-hunting service in the next few months”. The online job market in China last year was 1.15 … Read More

Yahoo! opens research lab in India

The Business Standard of India reported that Yahoo! was opening a research lab in Bangalore, India. Yahoo is also starting their “Big Thinkers” lectures in India in January 2007.

Australian Court ruling could impact search

The Australian Federal Court ruled against a web site that provided links to illegal download sites and the ISP that provided hosting for the site. The Associated Press reported the court’s ruling could have impact on search engines like Google, … Read More

Guruji joins India One

Indian search engine Guruji announced it will now power India One. India One is a news portal, while Guruji is an Indian search engine started in this past October.

Google discusses Australian market

An article on the ABC Australia website details Google’s view of the Australian market. Basically they see a lot of growth potential as the media spend is below 10% of total ad spend. Should be a major push to develop … Read More

Japan gets tough with YouTube

Seems the Japanese are pushing copyright violations against YouTube in an effort to have them pull thousands of videos from the site. According to an article in Adotas, YouTube removed about 30,000 videos at the request of the the Japan … Read More