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Chile’s .cl Domains are About to Internationalize

This Tuesday Chile was home to some very exciting news for web globalisation.
According to Christian Nicolai, Subsecretary of Consejo Nacional de Nombres y Números IP (The National Controlling Body for Names and IP Numbers) and the Director of NIC Chile, Patricio Poblete, starting September 21st registration for new .cl domains will include the option to use internationalized domain names (IDN), meaning that individuals and companies will be able to register domains using 7 additional international characters, such as “ñ”, “ü” and other accentuated vowels.

IDN is already in use in other countries, such as Germany, Austria, Poland and Brazil.
But as Multilingual Search discussed in an earlier post about Chile’s noteworthy internet standings and evolution in relation to the rest of the international arena, this news is yet another step forward, both for Chile’s personal internet progress and in the greater scheme of things, for web globalisation as a whole.

Source: NIC

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