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Dell And InMobi Invest In Indian Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 16th September 2015

Dell and InMobi invest in Indian ecommerce

The computer manufacturer Dell and the online advertising company InMobi have joined forces in India.

As part of the partnership, Dell will work with InMobi to help the ad company create an ecommerce platform.

The Indian ecommerce market is currently worth an estimated 25 billion US dollars, but this could hit 250 billion by 2025 as the market grows at a compound annual growth rate of 35%.

The partnership will also see Dell produce products specifically for InMobi, allow InMobi to have early access to some of its products for customisation and beta testing purposes, and allow InMobi access to its research and development labs.

In return, InMobi will provide Dell with insights into its customers, and provide storage and networking for big data requirements.

Ukraine makes ecommerce easier

The Ukrainian government and Central Bank have introduced new laws to help enable ecommerce in the country.

The laws give online transactions the same legal status as physical transactions.

This means that online stores in Ukraine can now accept ecommerce payments through systems such as PayPal.

Previously, banks would not retailers to receive money into their bank accounts through online payments.

It hopes that the new laws will help to encourage, liberalise and regulate ecommerce.

The Ukrainian ecommerce market accounts for just 2% of total sales in the country and is worth an estimated 2.7 billion Euros.

Internet penetration and ecommerce are increasingly steadily, however, meaning that the ecommerce market is expected to grow to around 7 billion Euros within the next 3 years.

Key ecommerce trends in Europe

Research by Ecommerce Europe has revealed the key online shopping trends across the continent.

The study looked at B2C ecommerce sales in 2014, and found that the UK was the most prolific country when it came to ecommerce, accounting for 30% of all EU sales.

Germany and France came in second and third respectively, accounting for 17% and 13% of all EU ecommerce.

Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the Scandinavian countries came next, accounting for around 2-4% each.

Russia was the fastest growing ecommerce market compared to the previous year, with the country’s annual ecommerce turnover having grown by 25%.

The research also revealed that around 15% of EU citizens currently buy from other EU countries online. The European Commission has said in the past that it hopes to unify laws to reduce confusion and encourage more cross-border purchasing.

The European ecommerce market is predicted to generate 477 billion Euros this year, an annual growth rate of 15%.

With this rate of growth expected to hold steady for the next few years, the European ecommerce market is expected to exceed 600 billion Euros within the next 2 years.

Twitter teams up with Indonesian mobile carrier Indosat

Twitter has teamed up with the Indonesian mobile carrier Indosat.

Indosat customers will now be able to pay for text, call and internet packages using the social network.

Users just need to send a direct message saying “#TwitBuy” to Indosat’s Twitter account. They will then receive a reply containing instructions on what to do next.

It is currently unclear whether Twitter will take a cut of the profits Indosat makes from the initiative.

Indosat is the main mobile carrier in Indonesia, with around 68 million users.

Mark Zuckerberg and Indian Prime Minister to host Townhall Q&A session

And finally, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will host a Townhall Q&A session in India with the Indian Prime Minister later this month.

The duo will answer questions about social and economic issues in India on 27th September.

It forms part of Facebook’s drive into India, which is the social network’s second biggest market with 110 million users.

Facebook lost favour amongst certain Indian businesses earlier this year.

The Indian news companies Times Group, Newshunt and NDTV, as well as the travel site Cleartrip, all withdrew from the Facebook-owned internet.org app in April, pointing to concerns about internet neutrality.

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